If you've been charged with a criminal offense, you may have questions of what to do next?

Criminal Law

Pelagalli can handle all civil dispute cases, from property conflicts to business contact disputes.

Civil Law

Our lawyer has handled numerous personal injury cases ranging from medical malpractice to workers compensation.

Personal Injury Law

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What Can 30 Years of Law Experience
Do For You?

Choose Rodger A. Pelagalli to handle your case in Parma Heights, Lakewood & Parma, OH

With over 30 years of experience handling cases involving different types of law, you can be sure that the Law Offices of Rodger A. Pelagalli can expertly assist you with your case. Since 1986, Attorney Rodger A. Pelagalli has provided passionate and diligent legal representation for those in need of legal counsel.

Rodger A. Pelagalli has served as a prosecutor and defense attorney, and currently continues to serve as an attorney for his clients in and around Parma Heights, Lakewood & Parma, OH.

Pelagalli's practice focuses on business law, criminal law, municipal law, personal injury and wills & trusts. He has represented everyone from individual citizens to entire cities.

There's simply nothing better than having a lawyer by your side who is well-versed with not only different types of law, but with all courtroom procedures and happenings. The Law Office of Rodger A. Pelagalli is a general practice and can provide you with a free consultation no matter what your case involves.

If you're looking for an attorney to handle your business law, criminal law or personal injury case, contact Rodger A. Pelagalli. Get in touch with your local experienced attorney in Parma Heights, Lakewood & Parma, OH, by calling 440-845-3030 today.

After you've been arrested, it's important to take the correct steps for the future of your case. Let one of those steps be hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Parma Heights, Lakewood & Parma, OH.

If you have been arrested for a DUI offense The Law Offices of Rodger Pelagalli focus on handling DUI offenses and the legal issues that accompany the arrest. An effective DUI attorney should be able to navigate through legal issues including:

the unlawful stop of a person or vehicle
the unlawful detention
breath testing
interfering substances
blood testing
expressed or implied consent laws
license suspension with any Department of Motor Vehicles

Whether you have a small business or one that is fairly prominent, the Law Offices of Rodger A. Pelagalli can assist you in anything involving business law in Parma Heights, Lakewood & Parma, OH.

Having a will and/or trust established is especially vital to your family's well-being after your passing. Give you and your family peace of mind and have our law offices help you organize your wills and trusts in Parma Heights, Lakewood & Parma, OH.

If you are unsure if you have a solid personal injury case, contact our lawyer in Parma Heights, Lakewood & Parma, OH today. Mr. Pelagalli will review your case and give you sound legal advice.

Rodger Pelagalli can handle all civil disputes, from property conflicts to business contracts. When you're in the middle of a civil dispute, let Rodger Pelagalli fight for your best interests.

Just like the hustles and bustles of a downtown area, city laws can be tough to navigate. Let an experienced municipal attorney guide you and represent you through any proceedings.

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