Navigating the Trickier Practice Areas

Navigating the Trickier Practice Areas

Rodger A. Pelagalli can handle business and municipal cases

Business law and municipal law are both fairly tricky areas of law to handle. They involve complexities that many regular citizens and even lawyers can overlook. With the Law Offices of Rodger A. Pelagalli, you’ll get a devoted and experienced attorney who has handled plenty of cases in these areas.

Business Law

With the Law Offices of Rodger A. Pelagalli, your business becomes our business. We take a deep-dive approach when it comes to what is going on at your business to either 1) find you the guidance you need for any legal paperwork or 2) provide you with exceptional legal representation if your business is a part of a lawsuit.

No matter the size of your business, Rodger A. Pelagalli is experienced with the ins-and-outs of legal matters involving businesses. You, your management and your employees have all worked extremely hard to get your business to where it is now. Don’t sacrifice your business’ well-being by choosing a sub-par lawyer.

Municipal Law

Whether you’re in a legal battle related to local ordinances, zoning codes, building codes or anything of the like, you’re going to need an experienced lawyer by your side to fight for your rights in the matter. Taking on a city law sounds daunting, but with the Law Offices of Rodger A. Pelagalli, you will feel at ease. He is experienced with the municipal law in Parma Heights and Parma, OH, and can navigate you and guide you through whatever legal proceedings occur.