Don't Fight Your Civil Case Alone

Don't Fight Your Civil Case Alone

Rodger A. Pelagalli has experience in all areas of civil law in Parma Heights, Lakewood & Parma, OH

The spectrum of civil law is large - if it's between two parties, then it's a civil law case. Some lawyers focus on specific areas of civil law, while others are more than happy to assist with all areas of civil disputes. Rodger A. Pelagalli falls into the latter category.

Pelagalli can handle all civil dispute cases, from property conflicts to business contact disputes. With nearly 30 years of legal experience as a both a prosecutor and defense attorney, Rodger A. Pelagalli is familiar with both sides of the coin.

From the minute you call the Law Offices of Rodger A. Pelagalli, you'll receive excellent personalized service for your case. A disconnected lawyer for a civil case is not helpful for your situation. Trust that our civil lawyer will provide you with prompt and attentive care for you and your case.

The Law Offices of Rodger A. Pelagalli know just how imperative it is for you to win this civil dispute. Monetary values and reputations are on the line. There's no need to fight this fight alone. When you're ready to defend your rights for your civil case, get in touch with Rodger A. Pelagalli, an experienced and passionate civil attorney in Parma Heights, Lakewood & Parma, OH.