"Attorney Pelagalli was extremely competent and thorough, but easy and enjoyable to deal with at the same time which was nice. He made sure that we understood every aspect of our documents and was happy to answer any questions."

"Mr. Pelagalli is a great attorney. He has represented my dad in court for a domestic violence charge and through his knowledge and competence in the matter dropped the charge to a disorderly conduct. His communication skills are exemplary and lets his clients know what the state of affairs are, mailing copies of all files and letters he sends to court or prosecution. He is very quick in responding to e-mail as well as phone calls. He has a professional conduct in court and talking with his clients. I highly recommend him as an attorney."

"Rodger represented me on an employment matter and we developed an excellent plan that was well executed and I was very satisfied with. I believe that it was his aggressive advocacy of my cause with the opposing lawyer that convinced them to settle. I have recommended him to other people in similar situations and appreciate all he did to get a great result."

"Rodger has been our family lawyer for more than 2 decades--from that, you can see that we are very satisfied clients. He represented me (public sector) and my husband (private sector) on labor issues and other matters. He has one rule for his clients: tell the truth, because no matter how bad the truth is, it is worse for you if you are caught lying. My husband and I will recommend Rodger to everyone--he is a great lawyer."

"Over the past few years, I have retained Mr. Pelagalli for several legal matters, including Traffic Citations/Issues, Estate Planning, and Contract Negotiation/Settlement. Mr. Pelagalli delivered truly exceptional service in all areas. He was efficient, well planned/organized and effective in resolving all of my legal needs and requirements. His counsel was always professional, accurate, and always on point. Most importantly, he has demonstrated extremely high integrity and honesty, and that he is truly dedicated to his clients and serving their objectives. This is why I will continue to utilize his services in the future for all legal endeavors, and highly recommend him to friends/family and anyone looking for superior counsel."

"Mr. Pelagalli has represented my husband and I on two occasions, both of which he won for us. We can not say enough good things about his skill as an attorney. The most recent occasion was in a lawsuit (I was sued) that took almost two years to conclude. During that entire time I was always kept informed on what was happening by letters, phone calls and e-mails. He always patiently explained to me about each step of the process and encouraged me to call him when I had questions. He promptly returned my calls. Mr. Pelagalli is a genuinely nice man who works very hard. During the process I was confused and frustrated with the legal system since I had never navigated it before and I vented frequently to him. He always listened and did his best to resolve any issues I had. He is completely professional in appearance and conduct and treats everyone, even those on the other side of the table, with respect."

"Rodger put forth 100% effort and delivered great results. I felt confident in his work and was able to trust his decisions and advice. He is a true figure of justice and I would always want him on my side! THANK YOU RODGER!"

"We engaged Rodger to help with a sensitive personal injury issue. He spent a lot of time with us learning exactly what had happened and what all of the issues were. He made us feel very comfortable from the outset. He handled our case personally and with a great deal of care. We never felt rushed when talking with him. Throughout our case Rodger always took whatever time was required to make sure we understood the process and were comfortable with the decisions we had to make. I always felt that his advice was about what was best for us and only us. The results he got for us were exactly what we wanted. He is a real pro and I highly recommend him."

"Rodger was very professional and personal! His staff was very courteous. I would recommend his office for any legal doings. He gets things done! Thank you so much!"